OA knee brace

Clinically proven



Dynamic 3-point pressure off-loading mechanism

  • Straps creating a dynamic 3-point pressure system: most effective on heel strike
  • Combined rigid adjustable hinge on the affected side and flexible stay on the unaffected side
  • Cross strap capture system allows the proper anchoring of the straps during the gait cycle

Medical grade compression to restore the proprioceptive message




  • Anatomical knitting with comfort zones at popliteal area and at brace edges
  • Anatomically shaped straps, self-oriented and adjustable
  • Silicon thread integrated to the knitting to prevent migration

Low profile

  • Invisible under most clothes

Fitting consistency

  • Easy to slide up the leg thanks to the anatomical knitting
  • Easy to close: effortless magnetic buckles with finger loop, snap into place automatically
  • Easy to adjust: self-dosing adjustment possible by tighten the front straps

2 models: right medial / left lateral and left medial / right lateral



Hauteur 37 cm



Knee circumference

Measure the knee circumference, at the middle of the kneecap, knee in slight flexion

Thigh & Calf circumference

Measure the thigh circumference 14 cm above the knee and the calf circumference 12 cm below the knee