Anatomic Memory Foam Cushion

Code: WBM067 – 41x41x6,5 cm

Code: WBM068 – 43x43x6,5 cm

Code: WBM069 – 45x45x6,5 cm

Information about anti decubitus medical memory foam cushion

Item no. 15613 Memory foam cushion with PU cover 41x41x6,5 cm

Item no. 15614 memory foam cushion with PU cover 43x43x6,5 cm

Item no. 15615 Memory foam cushion with PU cover 45x45x6,5 cm


The memory function enables the product to return to its original shape, time after time and is particularly suitable for users spending long periods of time in wheelchairs. This cushion will be delivered with a stretch PU cover.

In several sizes available.

User weight < 100 kg

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