Cane Folding Seat In Two, Height Adjustable

This seat cane is made of aluminum. The seat is plastic and the tube is height adjustable. Its main features are as follows:
Material: aluminum
Seat: plastic
Total height: 86 to 103cm
Seat-floor height: 65-83cm
Weight: 0.600 Kg
Maximum user weight: 125 kg
■ Never deploy and use your seat cane in:
1. Soft terrain.
2. Cracked pavement.
3. Uneven terrain.
It must be used on flat surfaces, otherwise, it can tip over and cause possible injuries.
■ Check the stability of the cane before using it.
■ Always make sure all screws are in place and tight before using.
■ Do not use the seat cane if the rubber tips are broken, torn, or missing.

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