Digital Infrared Thermometer Forehead

Non-contact digital infrared thermometer with high precision and reliability.

Multifunction, handy and easy to use; allows you to detect the temperature in 1 second and to monitor the progress of the fever, by comparing 34 detailed memories with date and time.


Multiple modes:

Body temperature / Surface temperature / Liquid temperature (milk, water)
34 detailed memories with date and time, for a simple comparative analysis
Response time: 1 second
Measuring distance: up to 5-15 cm, contactless
Fever alarm (visual and audible)
Selectable C° / F° mode
Backlit display with three colours for three different temperature ranges detected
Parameter setting editable
Handy and easy to use, with a single multi-function button
– Suitable for use with children

– Suitable for use in a clinical and family environment

– No contraindications


Body temperature range: 34 ~ 42.9 ° C
Surface temperature range: 0 ~ 100.0 ° C
Measuring distance: 3-5 cm
Measurement time: 1 second
Accuracy: (+/-) 0.2 °
Power supply: 2 AAA 1.5 V batteries (not included)
Measurements: 165 x 64 x 66mm
Dimensions: weight 120 g (without batteries) – measures 15 x 7.5x 5 cm
Storage and transportation: – 20 – + 45 ℃

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