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Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor

MDF OSCILLA™ is a Fully-Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Measurement
device that delivers fast, reliable measurement of systolic and diastolic blood
pressure, as well as pulse frequency. The easy-to-use design also stores up to
18 prior measurement with averages so you can track you blood pressure
readings over time. Plus, the new OSCILLA™ InflateRead™ technology
cuts measurement time by 40%, so just a few minutes a day can make
the difference. > Listen to your heart

• OSCILLA™ technology provides comfort, speed and accuracy without
excessive pressure.
• Standard adult cuff with D-ring and arterial indicator for easy placement.
• Bold Design with integrated cuff compartment for elegant desktop display.
• Extra-large digital display for blood pressure and pulse reading.
• 40% faster with new inflateRead technology
• One-touch fully automatic operation.
• Memory with average.
• Automatic-off mode
• Battery meter.