• Anatomical cut that suits your body contours for greater comfort.
  • Aerated elastic Combitex 2® textile (patented).
  • Made of two layers: first layer is hydrophobic and lets perspiration pass through, leaving the skin dry, the second layer is hydrophillic, absorbing perspiration and allowing it to evaporate.
  • Optimized back comfort due to a fleece-velour foam complex.
  • Crossed over straps of fabrics (muscular function analogy). (1)
  • Rigid back stays fitting anatomically. (2)
  • Flexible front stays. (3)
  • Hand loop to make it easier to put the product on.


  • Prevention and support of acute or chronic lumbar pain and sciatica.
  • Post-operative support and with immobility.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Put on the belt with the inside label upwards.
  • Hold the left end flat using your left hand.
  • Vasten the velcro strap, adjusting it to the required support (if the velcro strap is properly positioned it does not wrinkle).


Follow the advice of the professional who prescribed or supplied the product. It may be neccessary to reshape the stays. Consult your professional if discomfort occurs. Store at room temperature preferably in original packaging. Re-use of this device for the treatment of another patient is strictly due to hygiene and performance-related problems. If a decision is taken to re-use this device, than the person taking the decision is solely responsible and the Thuasne warranty will automatically become void.

Washing Instructions:

  • Wash only with soapy water, without the use of detergent or bleach.
  • Squeeze out excess water, do not wring.
  • Dry away from heat sources.


  • Polyamide: 43%
  • Elasthan: 25%
  • Cotton: 16%
  • Polyester 16%