SONOLINE C Pocket Fetal Doppler

Sonoline C Pocket Fetal Doppler is a hand-held fetal heart rate detecting device that adopted Doppler theory. It can be used in hospital and clinic for daily self-check by a pregnant woman. The device adopts a colour LCD screen of high resolution, which can display the fetal heartbeat waveform and calculate the FHR value to help doctors for diagnosis in time.


  • Delicate and compact design, portable and easy to use
  • Crooked probe structure, which is easy to operate and increases the feeling of comfort, embodies the humanized design.
  • Three working modes: Real-time FHR Display Mode, Averaged FHR Display Mode and Manual Mode
  • FHR values, bar graph and heartbeat waveform colour display
  • Alarming in red when the FHR value is out of the normal range.
  • Probe falls off detection, battery status indication
  • Automatic shutdown: The device will automatically turn off if there is no signal within 1 minute.
  • Audio interface: Can be connected to other recording devices by recording cable, record fetal heart sound in real-time
  • Two 1.5V batteries (AA LR6) can last more than 8 hours for normal use
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