Absorbent Pads


Absorbent Pads 10X20CM

Absorbent Pads

  • Ideal for situations where a great capacity of absorption is needed, such as bleedings and chronicle wounds with moderate to high exudation. Secondary dressings for high exuding wounds.
  • Cellulose pulp, white polypropylene, blue polypropylene, tissue paper.
  • High absorption capacity

1 – Wound side layer in white polypropylene of very low adherence

2 – External layer in blue SMS 100% polypropylene with hydrophobic properties.

3 – Inner layer composed of cellulose fluff.

4 – Middle layers with spread properties composed of tissue paper

5 – Hotmelt

6 – Sterile: individual peel-open pack + shelf box + transport carton

7 – Non-sterile: plastic bag + transport carton

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