E-Bone Splint

Code: WVR169

The universal splint for emergency services

  •  Fits perfectly in every emergency case or bag
  •  Versatile enough to splint the cervical spine and all extremities as well as treating a variety of injuries
  •  Does not adhere to wounds and is suitable for continuous use
  •  Resistant to blood, exudates and bodily fluids
  •  Radiolucent
  •  Lightweight and thermostabile
  •  Reusable
  •  May be cut to size required
  •  Folds for simple storage
  •  Durable
  •  Longer than comparable products and yet very economical. E-BONE SPLINTS

Now 14 % more splint!

These foam covered, aluminium splints have become well accepted everywhere:

Rescue services, fire brigade, disaster protection services, mountain rescue, hospitals, neonatal units, sports medicine, school first aid, industrial medicine, rapid-response groups…and many more


Cervical spine, lower arm, whole leg, finger, lower leg, shoulder and arm. Also an ideal arm support during infusion.