Folding bar


Folding Bar

This folding bar is a very useful aid for people with reduced mobility. It allows you to lean or hold on tightly when accessing the toilet, providing security and stability. It is screwed to the wall and has an accessory to place the toilet paper.

Its characteristics are the following:

  • Folding bar made of steel painted in white epoxy
  • Measurements: 10 x 23 x 74 cm
  • Maximum weight: will always depend on the installation
  • Plate measurements: 10 x 23 cm
  • Tube diameter: 32 mm
  • White color

They are placed 35cm from the axis of the toilet and 70-75 cm high. It is recommended that the installer evaluate the screws that are appropriate according to the wall on which it is placed.

There are bars and handles in many materials and shapes. You should study is the best option to adapt the toilet to the needs of the user.

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