Full English Cane

The integral English cane is a technical aid for mobility. It is used to facilitate walking and increase stability.

Its characteristics are the following:

  • Made of aluminum and polypropylene handles
  • Adjustable at the bottom: 67 -98 cm
  • Maximum weight: 125 kg
  • Tip diameter: 19 mm. Tip reference: 81519
  • Available in different colors: black, blue, red, burgundy, and gray
  • Supplied in PAIRS

English walking sticks are part of the support products group  that are used in disease situations in which the patient requires a discharge from one of the lower limbs, a greater support base and safer ambulation.

Except in exceptions or because the optional prescription indicates otherwise, when only an English cane is used, it must be carried on the opposite side of the injury. In this way, the patient will be better supported by discharging the affected limb more effectively.

To achieve a safer gait, the patient must have a good muscular capacity and a good balance of the trunk.

The height adjustment is performed so that the clamp does not block the forearm elbow joint. To do this, it will be placed in the posteroproximal part of the forearm at a distance of approximately 5 cm from the elbow joint.

There is a wide variety of English walking sticks: full length, with a folding elbow, anatomical cuff …

We must check the condition of the tip frequently, since once the rubber begins to wear, the risk of falling increases, and the stick loses adherence and, therefore, stability.

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