Genu Dynastab®

Hinged ligament knee brace

Properties :

  • Hinged side reinforcements to ensure knee stability.
  • Staggered straps to hold the brace in position on the leg.
  • Removable bi-axial hinge.
  • Anatomically-shaped knit for even compression.
  • Anatomically-shaped design for better morphological adjustment: comfort zone around the back of the knees, stretch weave on the thigh.
  • Silicone-coated threads at the top of the knee brace, for optimum hold of the brace on the leg.
  • Silicone patellar insert to support the kneecap.

Indications :

  • Functional treatment of mild sprains.
  • Resumption of sports activities after a sprain (mild, moderate or severe).



Hauteur 33 cm



Knee circumference

Measure the knee circumference, at the middle of the kneecap, knee in slight flexion