Rolling Walker

  • This rollator with pressure brakes reduces the effort when walking. It is not necessary to lift the walker to be able to advance thanks to its wheels. It is braked by pressing or dropping the weight on the handles. It is very manageable. Their characteristics are:
    • Aluminum structure. Back and seat covered with sponge
    • 6 wheels with a double wheel at the rear
    • This rollator can be folded when the plastic seat is raised
    • Height adjustable on its handles: 79 to 90 cm
    • The basket can be placed under the seat or in the front of the rollator
    • Item weight: 7.2 Kg. Maximum weight: 100 Kg
    • Seat height: 53 cm. Front width: 53 cm. Rear width: 58 cm. Lateral width: 60 cm. Seat measurements: 33 x 35 cm.

    The walker is a technical aid for mobility. It is a metal structure that provides the user with greater stability and support when walking and, in many cases, provides greater psychological peace of mind.

    The walkers are indicated for people with weakness in one or both lower limbs, people with balance disorders or those who present a picture of a global decrease in strength but who maintain enough in the upper limbs to handle it.

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