Self-Propelled Aluminum Wheelchair

This self-propelled aluminum wheelchair is very complete. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The user can sit on it to be moved using the handles or can move on their own using the rear wheel rims.

Their characteristics are:

  • Aluminum structure. Nylon upholstery
  • Fixed armrests. Folding footrests. Folding backrest
  • Folding chair with carrying handles and brakes
  • Swivel front wheels (15 cm). Rear wheels (50cm)
  • Product size:
    • Seat height: 46.5 cm
    • Seat measurements: 45 x 36 cm
    • Total width: 63 cm. Total depth: 96
    • Cuff height 89 cm
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg
  • Net weight: 12.4 Kg

Chairs are technical aids that promote the transfer of people who have permanently or totally or partially lost the ability to move.

There is a wide variety of wheelchairs. A fundamental classification is one that distinguishes according to the size of the wheel. Chairs with large rear wheels allow people who have sufficient arm strength to self-propel themselves. If you do not have such autonomy to move, a chair with small rear wheels will suffice.

If the chair is to be used mainly at home, a chair with small rear wheels is recommended as it is more manageable indoors.

It is also important to assess the weight the chair will have. It will depend on the material with which the chair is made. Aluminum is the lightest material.

Regarding the width of the seat of the chair, the standard size is usually 42-44 cm.

The armrests of the wheelchairs can be removable or folding, to facilitate entry and exit from the side.

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