100% Silicone 2-Way Balloon Catheter 16Ch/Fr

Code: WOU077

The perfect long-term pure silicone catheter at a super price!

For long-term use: An important factor in long-term use is that encrustation remains minimal and that the catheter is comfortable to wear. It is vital that the catheter is flexible and that the material does not irritate the mucous membranes. 100 % silicone Silclear catheters meet these requirements.

The perfect alternative for those who are allergic to latex or suspect that they may have an allergy. In individual cases, the catheter can be used for up to 4 weeks due to the fact that they are non-allergenic and cause minimal encrustation.

• With optimised plastic valve (no rubber valves)

• With radiopaque stripes to the tip

• Close fitting and easily inflatable balloon (5 – 10 ml)

• Color-coded

• Available in sizes Ch. 12 – 22