Trionic D Medical Wipes

Trionic is designed to Clean and Disinfect Surfaces of Medica Devices and is a class IIa registered device

The way that Trionic removes biofilm is by interacting with the organic molecules, particularly the microbial secretions, and breaking up the microbial aggregates using the surfactants in the formulation. Once the biofilm is forced to form a suspension within the compound, it is vulnerable to the QACs and biguanide mixture which kills any additional microbes at the surface. Independent Report – Xenobiotica 2010

• Easy to use
• No complex protocols
• Safe to the user
• Safe on materials
• Safe to the environment
• Broad Spectrum biocidal activity
• Easy to store
• Long Shelf Life

Conforms to: EN1276, EN1040, EN1275, EN1650, EN1656, EN13704, EN14476

Gravimetric Evaluation of Anti-Biofilm Test Agents, EPA Virucidal Efficacy Tests

“Ebiox wipes were effective, in less than one minute, in reducing microorganisms to a threshold below which it was not possible to accurately measure their viability” Independent test – Q Labs.

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