UP Recovery Socks

Venoflex® Compression

The socks are worn after physcial exertion, during the recovery phase (minimum of 2 hours).

  • They stimulate venous return and contribute to a better recovery
  • They help reduce muscle aches and mains
  • Products made in France
  • Degressive compression
  • Bacteriostatic effect to protect the skin against the development of bacteria and odours
  • Anatomical pre-shaping at the calf to make them easier to pull on an ensure greater comfort
  • Feeling of coolness, thanks to manthol-fragranced micro-encapsulation (lasts for around 10 washes)
  • 4 sizes dependigue on ankle circumference
  • 1 length, 1 shoe size (Men 38-46 / Women 36-42)
  • Composition : 86% Polyamide / 14% Elastane



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