Walking Frame In aluminium With Two Frontal Castors, Foldable

This folding walker with aluminum wheels offers a lot of stability when walking. Both arms must be used to use it. The wheels make it easier to walk, as you do not need to lift the walker and help it to slide.

  • Dimensions: 49x 44 cm
  • Height adjustable: 83-98 cm
  • Maximum weight: 100 Kg
  • Item Weight: 2.6 Kg

The walker is a technical aid for mobility. It is a metal structure that provides the user with greater stability and support when walking and, in many cases, provides greater psychological peace of mind.

The walkers are indicated for people with weakness in one or both lower limbs, people with balance disorders, or those who present a picture of a global decrease in strength but who maintain enough in the upper limbs to handle it.

There is a wide variety and typology of walkers. It is important to choose the most suitable for each patient to guarantee maximum functionality.

The most basic walkers are known as step walkers. Accessories, such as wheels, brakes, seats, baskets, or trays, can be added to complement the walker and give it other advantages in order to adapt to the user’s needs.

Whichever modality of walker is chosen, it is important to adjust it to the appropriate height for the patient. To do this, we will place the user standing with his arms resting in a relaxed position on the sides. When using the walker, the elbows should be slightly flexed (approximately 20º elbow flexion). This proper fit allows the person to support approximately half their weight. If the arms are not bent at a comfortable angle, the patient will put too much strain on the shoulders and back.

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