Toilet Lift With Arms

This toilet lifts with arms is a simple solution to solve the difficulty of the elderly or
disabled when they sit or get up from the toilet. Arms help stabilize incorporation. It is fixed to the toilet with the thread on the front.  Fits most toilets.

Its characteristics are the following:

  • Made of plastic
  • Dimensions: 52 wide x 43 deep
  • Height: 12cm
  • Item weight: 2.4 kg
  • Maximum weight: 110 kg

Toilet lifts are a widely used technical aid that offers great benefits. Conventional toilets are usually low in height. This lift supplements the height of the toilet by 12 cm, helping to make standing up easier.

Its use is recommended for those who suffer from knee or hip diseases (arthritis, osteoarthritis) or who have had knee or hip surgery. Because elevators add height, they make users lessen the stress on their joints.

There are different models of toilet risers. The most used are the models made of plastic, some rigid and others soft. There are different heights (5,10 and 15 cm). The most used is the 10 cm, since it encompasses the average height of the population. There is also the option to choose it with or without a lid.

Some models like this one incorporate armrests that add stability for the user to sit and get up. There are also other lifters that allow height adjustment

Most toilets are usually installed using screws or fixing screws.

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